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2013-11-04 15:51:16 by BlueDragonicKnight

I am an around average person who just regained access to his NG account.

I hope you have a good time on NG.

Hi there everybody, I wanted everybody who see's my acount that he could see wich project I am working on. I am working on a game wich the name is still unknow well i dont know the name yet.
And if you want to see exactly what we are doing you can check this website dex.php?act=idx also it is a Dutch website but maybe you can use google to translate it for you. My name on that forum/website is DraconicKnight so you can see what i am doing well i will tell you now i am the artist there because Tyrope(he's on NG too) and Mr.evil cant draw good on the computer. I am working on the game with two friend which i know from school.
If anyone has Idea's for me then you can PM me on NG or on the forum.
Well that's all I got to tell you today maybe I gonna say more things on NG.
(I hope someone will read this -.-)